Having objectives to work towards and knowing how best to achieve them within the resources available, is key for any organisation whatever market it trades in.

Agora will work closely with you to identify appropriate strategies to meet your business objectives and put together a tailored plan of marketing activity within a defined budget.

We often recommend small scale trials to assess campaign effectiveness before committing to larger activities.

A typical Marketing Plan will include looking at where you are as a company at the moment and some of the hurdles you face as you seek to grow the business. We will also want to discuss with you objectives for the company over the next few years (you might need help with this).

Your Marketing Plan will also look at:

– Your markets, audiences and influencers

– Your products and pricing structure

– Previous marketing activity and the strengths and weaknesses of the business in relation to marketing

– Your competitors, customers and partners

– Micro and macro effects on your business and the opportunities and threats to the business in relation to marketing

– Finally recommended strategies with a plan of action and budgets to achieve those objectives.

Over the last 20 years and more we have completed many, many Marketing Plans and use a highly effective framework based on principles developed by The Chartered Institute of Marketing, of which we are full members and fully qualified. The framework is adaptable for any industry and for consumer or business to business companies and organisations.

Depending on the detail of report required, the price for Marketing plans starts at £480 + vat.

To see examples and discuss opportunities, please call 0116 230 4967 or email