Market Research is overseen by Managing Director Steve Thomason, a member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Some of the market research activities we offer include:

– Internal audits

This could involve a review of your product range or list of services to identify which ones require further marketing to boost sales, or perhaps to stop selling altogether.

– Competitor research

Never underestimate your competitors. We can research their strengths and weaknesses and even mystery shop if required, so you continue to have a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

– Customer analysis

Our experience enables us to talk confidentially with your customers to identify areas where you could improve or add greater value.

– New market opportunities

In today’s fast-moving economy, it is vital your business is alert to new market opportunities, we will work with you to identify the most profitable ones to explore for the future.

– New product development

We will work with you to explore opportunities to expand your product range profitably, or even work with partners to adapt existing products for today’s marketplace.

To see examples and discuss opportunities, please call 0116 230 4967 or email