Steve Thomason and the team at Agora have over 16 years significant experience in developing dynamic strategic marketing and sales plans, and over 30 years’ experience in generating eye-catching creative marketing solutions. Below are just a few of the marketing services we provide either as part of a programme, or on their own. All are suitable for most industry sectors.



Having objectives to work towards and knowing how best to achieve them within the resources available, is key for any organisation whatever market it trades in.

Agora will work closely with you to identify appropriate strategies to meet your business objectives and put together a tailored plan of marketing activity within a defined budget.

We often recommend small scale trials to assess campaign effectiveness before committing to larger activities.

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Agora combines the strategic with the creative to produce imaginative marketing communication material that not only looks good but helps achieve your objectives.
We draw on a wide team of experienced, qualified and knowledgeable professionals to provide variety and fresh ideas for your design and copywriting requirements.
Some of our creative activities include:

  • Corporate and brand identity
  • Business stationery
  • Company brochures and annual reports
  • Product leaflets, posters and packaging
  • Advertisements and Direct mail
  • Exhibitions and display material
  • Catalogues and newsletters
  • Websites and multimedia presentations

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Agora’s team of specialists are at the forefront of web technologies and are able to provide solutions appropriate to your objectives.
Combining the strategic and the creative, Agora produce imaginative websites that not only look good, but communicate clearly and simply what you are in the business of, why users should choose your products or services, and how.
We provide a wide range of services from budget sites through to e-commerce and content managed. We can also offer website analytics and various ways to promote your site.

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Marketing is constantly evolving with new and exciting ways to communicate. Digital marketing is leading the way in this revolution. Which of the many new opportunities should you use? These are just some of them to consider and which we can advise and work with you to deliver successfully.

  • E-brochures and documents
  • APPS
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Search marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online display advertising

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Put simply, success in the marketplace, whether for companies, political parties, products or personalities, is about reputation – the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you.

 Agora will help build your reputation through the planned and sustained effort needed to establish and maintain good will and mutual understanding between your organisation and its publics.

 Our qualified and experienced team provide a broad range of strategic and 
creative PR services including:

  • Strategy formulation
  • Issues and crisis management
  • Creative copywriting
  • Media relations
  • Communications skills training

Our aim is to help raise your voice, communicate your messages and impact on your organisation’s 
bottom line.

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We believe Agora’s approach to creating sales leads is unique. Knowledge is key to closing a sale and we therefore make full use of our independent and strategic telephone approach to gather key information about potential customers.

Our process involves clarifying decision makers and correct contact details. We then run through a series of short questions with the decision-maker and end with a request for an appointment if a buying opportunity has been identified.

Telemarketing can be used to find out specific information such as:

  • Potential order size and frequency
  • Current supplier information
  • Satisfaction levels with existing supplier
  • Awareness levels of your product/services
  • Awareness levels of your competitors

A full report with sales leads, findings and recommendations would be prepared for you at regular intervals.

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Market Research is overseen by Managing Director Steve Thomason, a member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing. Some of the market research activities we offer include:

  • Internal audits
  • Competitor research
  • Customer analysis
  • New market opportunities
  • New product development

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